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About Us

Lingerie House Maids, LingerieHouseMaids.com is a house cleaning maids placement service.  We schedule and coordinate house maids services on behalf of our independent contractor maids.  We advertise, schedule, coordinate and collect payment, on behalf of our house maids.

Our maids do not provide cleaning supplies.  Rates are for labor time of cleaning.  Rates are per hour, not per residence size.

Only one male or female must be present during the cleaning session.  Or, a male and a female couple if the residence is owned or rented by a couple.  All must be 18yo and above.

You are welcomed to watch our maids all the time, other than if the maid needs to use the restroom, but you must keep an acceptable distance from the maid of say 3 feet at the minimum. No touching of the maid, no faul/vulgar language, and no nudity (full or semi) is allowed.  We maintain zero tolerance to such behaviours.  Yet, our maids are friendly, talkative company while they clean, so feel free to socialize and enjoy your time.

Pictures of our maids are taken by us and are recent (taken within past 6 months or less).  Pictures are taken in diferent position for you to see the attractiveness and appeal of our maids.  They are just pictures, please don't assume anything else but house cleaning by our maids.

All maids are independent, and chose their own schedule based on their availablity.  The maids are self liable to their own conduct.  We coordinate between the maids and the clients.  Collect payment in advance, and pay the maids their share as agreed with us.

We are looking to provide customers with our sexy bikini/lingerie maid service natiowide. We are starting in the bigger cities.  Yet, if you wish to join us as an independent maid, we will be glad to add you at your location and create a page for your city, and for you however small  your city is.

We require our maids to have some knowledge in cleaning techniques and methods.  If you have no experience, we can train you as well.  Maids must sign our independent contractor agreement as well as sign, and abide by, our rules of conduct guide.

Our maids must have positive attitude, and friendly personality.  as repeat business and satisfied customers is what we strive for.


Comments, suggestions, or desire to contact us?

Please email us at contact@LingerieHouseMaids.com











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